Library Info

Library Hours: 9:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. 

Circulation Information 

We are excited to offer the students of Crest View a large selection of books to read for learning or fun. Our check out period is 2 weeks and students may renew the items for a longer period if necessary with our library staff. Students usually come to the library once per week for their class and are also encouraged to come to the library more often to check out new books. Students can have the following number of items checked out on their library card.

  • Kindergarten - 1 book 
  • 1st Grade - 1 book 
  • 2nd grade - 2 books 
  • 3rd grade - 2 books 
  • 4th grade - 2 books 
  • 5th grade - 2 books 
  • 6th grade - 2 books 

Overdue Book and Fine Policy

It is important that our books and print materials are returned on time and in excellent condition in order for all students to enjoy the best materials all year long. In order to teach our students the responsibility of borrowing library materials, we have the following policy:

Each week, students will receive an overdue notice to bring home in the Wednesday Envelope.  We ask that families look for the book and contact our media staff if it seems to be lost.  We will work individually with families to assess fines when necessary.

Students who have one overdue book on their account can continue to checkout one book. If two books are overdue, the student cannot check out another book until at least one is returned or paid for.

Technology Acceptable Use Policy 

Our Acceptable Use Policy and Procedure (AUP) is the rules and regulations that our students and staff must follow in order to use internet and technology at school.

Official Acceptable Use Policy & Procedure AUP in Elementary Language

  • I can follow the rules posted. I can follow the directions of the adult in charge. 
  • I can be respectful towards others. I can respect the equipment and area. 
  • I can use the Internet at school, but only for school work and only with my teacher’s permission. 
  • I can only go to sites on the Internet that are approved by my teacher. 
  • I can only play games on the Internet that are educational and approved by my teacher. 
  • I can turn off my monitor and tell my teacher immediately if I see something on my computer that is not appropriate. 
  • I can open, edit and save my files on the district server, but not files belonging to others. 
  • I can follow the rules of copyright that I have been taught at school. 
  • I can only print or download with my teacher’s permission. 
  • I can not share my personal information with anyone through the Internet.